Date Night at Buckstop.

Another beautiful night in Vancouver, what better way to enjoy it then with some delicious company and barbecue! We and by ‘we’ I mean I, decided on Buckstop – a classic barbecue, and small plates saloon. Firstly, it took me 20 minutes to find parking and poor frogman had to wait for me while I circled the area a million times (cursing profusely at the car2gos that were parked in the Green parking areas as opposed to the Red parking ‘only with permits’ area – where car2gos are ALLOWED to park!). Poor frogman, was having a not so good day and was extremely hungry – imagine a grumpy AND hungry man, who has to wait for his food. I finally found a spot, and ran to Buckstop, luckily there was no line and frogman was already sitting there waiting for me :).


Frogman, had a chance to look over the menu and said he really wanted to try the grilled cheese. Since this place was so new there were barely any reviews on it, but from what I read the fried Cornish game hen was worth a shot. We dappled over the menu a bit, and decided on the pulled pork sandwich as our third and final dish. I ordered the Texas chainsaw massacre as well, which included seasonal smoked fruit muddled, reposado tequila, elderflower liqueur, lime juice, and soda. The seasonal fruit was smoked pear, and the drink over all was not that great. It was actually rather bland, and the pear flavor was nowhere to be found. (it came in a mason jar though so.. yay!)

TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE – Buckstop, Vancouver. 

The fried Cornish game hen arrived first; it came with a garlic aioli and some micro greens. If theres something everyone should know about me, it’s the stupid grin on my face after the first bite of something good. When I took the first bite out of the wing, my grin was wide and beaming. The game hen was so moist, the batter on the hen was so flavorful and crispy its nothing like I’ve ever had. Then you further the experience by dipping it into this stupid good garlic aioli and I just had to put my head down in disbelief. We finished this dish and my happy dance came out in full affect. Frogman doesn’t show a lot of emotion, but I saw a micro grin on his face. This was a good way to start our Buckstop experience.

(apologies for the crap photo, I was so anxious to eat it I couldn’t focus)

FRIED CORNISH GAME HEN – Buckstop, Vancouver.

The next dish that came was the pulled pork sandwich. The plating itself looked absolutely immaculate, served with refried beans with smoked bacon, celeriac slaw, and Kennebec potato fries. So the sandwich itself was only okay, the pulled pork was pretty delicious but I feel like it lacked flavor and it could have been moister. Not terribly bad, but I think they could definitely improve their pulled pork for sure. I’m not a fan of beans, but these were actually pretty tasty – but I feel like the portion size was too much. The fries were nice I’m a big fan of skinny fries and these were seasoned just right! The star on this plate was believe it or not the celeriac slaw, it was a very unconventional slaw no carrots no cabbage and not doused in mayo. It was light and slightly savory with a bit of crunch – very delightful.

PULLED PORK – Buckstop, Vancouver.


The last dish that arrived was the grilled cheese. House smoked Gouda, double smoked bacon, and caramelized onions. I feel like I don’t need to say much about this, the ingredients already say more than enough. It was stupid good.. okay?  Okay. Now eat it.

GRILLED CHEESE – Buckstop, Vancouver.

It was a wonderful experience at Buckstop the food was delicious; the servers were so friendly and readily available for anything that you wanted. The only negative I had about this joint was that the food came on a long rectangle wooden board – which I loved, but the share plates that were given to us were quite large, and often did not fit on the table with the wooden board. So it was kind of awkward eating with a plate 1/3 off the table. Other then that, the place was fantastic you could definitely see and taste the passion in their food.
Buckstop on Urbanspoon

Atmosphere: Not too crowded (yet) and super friendly.
Food: 5 out of 5 yums.
Service: 5/5.


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