Bean Brothers Cafe.

I often work weekends, and will have two days during the week as my “weekend” on a regular basis this sort of sucks.. because majority of my friends work Monday to Friday and tend to do more things on the weekend. Luckily I’ve found something to heal my sorrows of being left out of the epic weekend plans by eating lunch with my love. He works in Kerrisdale, which is a perfect, because I probably wouldn’t find myself in that particular area otherwise. I asked him what he felt like eating, and big surprise the ugly word “burgers” came out of his mouth. We waddled our way down to Bean Brothers Café on 41st Avenue.

I opened the door, and BAM! A dessert fridge was in my face. Cheesecake for $3 or so, um YES! I want you, followed by other murmurings and a few yums! Shortly after this insistent want to shove sweets in my mouth, I felt an arm pull me away from the fridge and through the restaurant (somebody REALLY wanted his burger). I would use the word ‘restaurant’ lightly, because (although I was in a haze) the front portion of Bean Brothers looks like a Café but the back looks like a fancy cafeteria.

We sat down at a table, and walked up to the cashier where we would place our order and get one of those electronic buzzer things when your food was ready. The menu consisted a variety of foods, from bagels, burgers, sandwiches, cold salads, pizza, and a section called comfort foods (chili, butter chicken, shepherds pie, fish and chips etc…). It’s pretty overwhelming to be honest; I’m a believer in sometimes less is more.  Regardless, I ordered Fish and Chips and he ordered his beloved sacred burger.

Firstly, his burger was humongous I never got a chance to try it but he said it was pretty terrible. To be fair, if there’s one thing he knows anything about its his burgers – in every other department he’s wrong but I’ll give him this one. My fish and chips on the other hand was quite delicious. I ordered the lunch size, but it was still SO MUCH FOOD! Luckily his burger was so terrible he helped me finished my lunch. The fries were crispy, the tar-tar sauce was delicious, and the fish was moist and tender while the batter was crispy and warm and yum! The slaw was pretty delicious too.

FISH & CHIPS + BURGER – Bean Brothers Cafe, Vancouver.

Overall it was only an okay experience, luckily my lunch was good but his lunch was terrible. I’m also not a fan of the cafeteria setting – but that’s just a personal issue.

Bean Brothers on Urbanspoon

Atmosphere: Lunch Buzz
Food: 2.5 out of 5 yums.
Service: Self Serve….? Cashier was nice.


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