Slickity Jims Chat n’ Chew.

I love special days, because special days always include something delicious to eat.  The most recent special day we celebrated was Fathers Day! Woo time to take out ButterflyKiller for some good eats 😀 place of choice? Slickity Jims Chat n’ Chew on Main Street. (ps. This day was ALSO equally special because I was introduced to the existence of something called a cronut – yeah more to come soon).

Slickity Jims fairly unusual, when you first walk in you immediately notice the décor, slightly reminiscent of a quirky saloon. We were seated in the backroom (holy moly there’s a backroom!), the back wall had a nice little opening so it felt like we were sitting on a covered patio – which on this particular Vancouver day was fantastic. Upon being seated I immediately beamed at the giant srircha bottle sitting in front of me. How did you know Slickity? How. Did. You. Know? The menu is filled with a great selection of breakfast foods, including both savory and sweet options. The menu is pretty eclectic because each item has a special name that is reminiscent of a famous song or work of literature. (we don’t need no eggs and bacon, to mock a killing bird)

I opted for an omelette! Specifically “A Woman in a Flowing Dress Kissing Her Lover” which included prosciutto, spinach, and asiago cheese. Omelettes came with roasted potatoes and toast. The Omelette was pretty delicious; you can’t really go wrong with omelettes especially when the ingredients inside them are full proof. The only flaw I found in my omelette was my first bite was all egg. However, my second bite had a nice mix of all three ingredients. I’m not too concerned about my first bite because the rest of them were delicious. The potatoes (although I’m not a big potatoes fan – unless mashed) were quite delicious and seasoned perfectly. It was an item on the plate that I kept picking at even after I said I was full.

A WOMAN IN A FLOWING DRESS KISSING HER LOVER – Slickity Jims Chat n’ Chew, Vancouver.

Atmosphere: Quirky & Comfortable & Friendly.
Food: 4.5 out of 5 yums.
Service: 5/5. (very accommodating, since SOMEBODY was running late) 😀

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